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BattMan How To:

Battery Management
Use the one-cell widget on your home screen.
BattMan displays the estimated battery life time or charge time.
Touch the widget to display the information screen.

Battery Information Display
Displays the estimated usage time based on your continued use.
Shows the estimated charge time for AC as well as USB plug times.
Tap this area to bring up the device battery settings.
Note: Usage time is the estimated time to 10% battery level. When the battery holds less than 10%, usage time is estimated to complete battery depletion.

Recent Applications Display
Displays a number of recently run apps (Versions prior to Android 5 - Lollipop).
Tap this area to bring up the device task manager.

Screen Settings Display
Displays the screen brightness level on your device.
Tap this area to bring up the device screen settings.

Device Communications Display
BattMan displays the current on or off state for most communication features on your device.
Icons signify Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and other communications consuming or conserving power.
Touch any icon to bring up the settings management screen for that feature on your device.