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About TagBack

TagBack Locator is an easy to use location finder with direction indicator, distance, bearing and altitude information displayed. Use TagBack to find your parked car or your hotel while traveling. Mark your location with just a press on the screen.

Add a location to your list of favorites to mark a parking spot, hotel, restaurant, meet-up or any place you want to find later. Use the route feature to navigate to any saved location. Send a text message to your family or friends to share a location. Set an alarm or timer to help you tend the parking meter.

• One touch location tagging (long press)
• Drag and drop the location icon while on the go
• Get directions or start a route to any saved location
• Share your locations via text message
• Open shared locations right inside TagBack
• Use TagBack to locate GPS devices
• Allow TagBack to deliver location information to family members
• Map and Satellite views
• Expandable and retractable direction pointer
• Direction indicator, distance and bearing display
• Relative altitude display to assist you in multilevel structures (subject to signal)
• Previous and favorite location selections
• Changeable location icons
• Keep Screen on, Notification sound and Vibration settings
• Set an alarm or timer