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TagBack How To:

Tag a Location - Two options
1. Long press anywhere on the screen.
TagBack will find your location through GPS and place a marker (Tag) at the spot.
2. From the menu, select Set Location.
TagBack will find your location through GPS and Tag the spot.

Move a Location
Press and hold the Tag Icon on the screen until it jumps above your finger. Drag it to a new place on the map and release it. The new location will be set (replaces the old location).

Find a Location
TagBack starts with the most recent selected previous location, favorite location or tagged location centered on the display.
The pointer will guide you toward the location. The information display will show the distance, bearing and relative altitude for the tagged location. Press the pointer to expand it for easy viewing. Press again to retract it.

General Operation
Pan, pinch zoom, expand and rotate the display as desired.
Use the My Location and Show Tag buttons to center the screen at your location
 or the selected location respectively.

Use the Satellite and Map View buttons to swap the screen between
 satellite and map views respectively.

Route to a Location
Touch the Route button to open the navigation app on your device.
 Refer to the navigation application instructions to start a route.

Share a Location
TagBack can share your location through SMS text messaging on your device.
Touch the Share button to open the messaging app on your device.
Refer to the messaging application instructions to select recipients and send the text.
TagBack also saves the location on the clipboard should you wish to send it through another social network application. Just discard the text message, open your desired social network app and paste the clipboard text there.

Open a Shared Location
You can open a shared location from your messaging application.
Click the link and select Open URL.
Select the TagBack application and whether you want TagBack to always open tags.
Note: Not all functions are available for shared locations.

Change a Tag Icon
From the Menu, select Change Tag Icon.
Touch the Tag icon you wish to use from the pop-up window.

Set an Alarm
Enable alarms on the settings menu (see below).
Touch the Tag icon to display a pop-up window.
Tap the pop-up window to open the clock application on the device.
Refer to the clock application instructions to set an alarm or timer.

Add a Favorite Location
From the Previous Locations menu, select a location.
Press the Add to Favorites button.
Press the Add button and enter a descriptive name for the location and press OK.

Delete a Favorite Location
From the Previous Locations menu, select a location.
Press the Add to Favorites button.
Select the location(s) you wish to delete and press the Delete button.

•  Distance Units Displayed - Change between Metric and US customary measures.
•  Screen On - Keeps the device screen from sleeping while TagBack is active.
•  Haptic Feedback - Sends a vibration when you begin to set a new location. TagBack will obtain a GPS location and save it even if you turn off the screen or start another activity on the device.
•  Notification - Plays your notification sound when TagBack has saved a new location. A notification message will always be displayed for new locations.
•  Use Device Alarm Manager - Enables/Disables alarms capability.
•  Alarm manager - Select the alarm manager on the device.

GPS Device and Locator Setup Features

TagBack can communicate with GPS locating devices that respond to a call or SMS text with location coordinates through SMS texting. TagBack can also be set up to respond like a GPS device for someone you authorize (Locator). This section describes how to set up TagBack for this purpose.

Find Device
TagBack can either call or text a GPS locating device and display the returning SMS delivered location on the map with distance and bearing information similar to any TagBack location. There are many types and styles of devices available elsewhere, from specific automobile installations to small personal devices easily carried.

To set up a Find Device, go to Settings / More / Maintain Devices/Locators and select Devices You Can Find. Here you can Add, Edit or Delete any number of devices.
Click Add to add a device:

Enter a name for this device (Required)
Enter the device mobile number (Required)
Select Dial or Text
For Text, Enter an optional Passcode and/or optional Message

The format of the text will be passcodemessage

To find this device, go to Settings / Locate a Device and select the device. TagBack will either Dial the number or send the passcode and message through SMS and wait for the response. The location will be displayed in TagBack when it is received.
NOTE: Given the variety of devices on the market, TagBack may not recognize your device’s response message. Please contact us at to see if we can include it.

Authorized Locator
TagBack can respond to location requests from authorized locators through SMS text messaging. These locators may be an adult child for an elderly parent or perhaps a parent/guardian or other family member. TagBack allows a maximum of five locators and you must explicitly provide the contact information, passcode and message to authenticate the requestor (Locator).

To set up or change an authorized locator, go to Settings / More / Maintain Devices/Locators and select Locators Allowed to Find You. Select any Available (to Add) or in-use (to Replace) locator and click Edit.

Enter a name for this locator (Required)
Enter the device mobile number (Required)
Enter a Passcode and/or Message

The format of the text must be passcodemessage. The passcode is case sensitive and must match completely. The message is not case sensitive.

When TagBack receives a text message from the locator and authenticates it, a location will be sent through SMS. A notification will be displayed and the text will show in your device’s messaging application log.