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TakeOff How To:

Simple Shopper
Use the simple sliders to adjust the amount, amount scale and the range of discounts to display.
Buy one get one at one half off calculation shows per item cost.

Manual Calculator
Enter the amount of the item. Enter the discount percent.
Shows the savings plus the discounted price.
Tap the TAB key to switch entry fields or simply press the field.
Enter a percent or amount for the additional discount calculation. Entry in one field updates the other.
Tap the C key to clear the active field. Tap again to clear other fields.

Tip Calculator
Simply enter the check amount.
Use the sliders to adjust the tip percent and the split if desired.
The display also shows rounded tip and rounded total for your convenience.
Tap the C key to clear the check amount.

General Operation
TakeOff remembers your last entered amounts and discount screens.
No need to back out of the application to close it. Starts up right where you left it.
Use the handy buttons to switch calculators.